Interview – Katherine Eldred

Florist – Katherine Eldred

What do you consider the most rewarding and challenging parts of your job?

Making something beautiful every day is really rewarding.

Also creating weddings along with a bride/groom (a lot of grooms are more involved) and bringing their inspiration and ideas together. And then seeing the oohs and ahhhs of something that I did – put together with my hands.

The most challenging would be trying to tell people nicely that their ideas or wants are terrible and I don’t want to put my name to it!


If people were considering becoming a florist what advice would you give them?

Try it first because it’s not just playing with flowers all day, it’s really hard physical work, lots of lifting, smelly stuff that you don’t even know what it was to begin with!!!

You will never have smooth/nice hands again being a florist.


What qualifications, qualities or experience is required to become a florist?

Each state offers a TAFE Cert 3 in Floristry. But you have to have IT!!!

IT is hard to put into words, but definitely a creative flair with colour, texture and shape and an understanding of style and elements of design.


What path did you take to become a florist?

I started when I was 14 as a school holiday job. My boss at the time suggested I do the Floristry course that went for 3 years at night. So, at the end of Year 12 I was a qualified florist. And it just went from there. One of the other students owned her own shop and asked me to work for her when I had finished school, and then years later, after a bit of carer diversion I went back and bought the shop off her.


What did you want to be when you grew up?

Florist!! And a Millionaire!!


Were there any other careers you considered pursuing when you left school?

I did want to be a Graphic Designer.


Is this your first career? Can you see yourself remaining in this line of work forever?

This was my first career and could possibly be my last. I can see myself as some crazy old lady stealing greenery from people’s gardens and creating arrangements in the Brookfield Show.


What are your standard hours?

Hours change depending what work is on but usually 2 days week.


Is there anything you can tell us about your job that people wouldn’t expect?

Its more physical than everyone thinks. And doesn’t always smell wonderful, and March is funeral season, for some reason more people die in March.