Interview – Gabi Kis-Warren

Weaver – Gabi Kis-Warren

What do you consider the most rewarding and challenging parts of your job?

The most rewarding is definitely the tangible product on one side and the pleased customer on the other.


If people were considering working as a weaver what advice would you give them?

Only start doing it if you really have a deep passion for it. Or a slight obsession for yarn 😉


What qualifications or experience is required to become a weaver?

Not to brag, but I have a masters of German linguistics and literature, a postgraduate degree in EU economy, a diploma in International Business, as well as a diploma as a makeup artist…. so I can confidently say, it does not matter. You just need to want to do this and get going with a fairly simple loom to start with, and learn.


What path did you take to become a weaver?

I just bought the loom, did a bunch of online courses and started. There are some weaving clubs which could be handy if you live nearby, or you could be an apprentice I suppose. I took the autodidactic (self-taught) path.


Were there any other careers you considered pursuing when you left school?

I worked in the 5 star hotel industry for a decade, but I was always unsettled, sort of constantly looking for something… as you can tell by my education history 😉


Is this your first career? Can you see yourself remaining in this line of work forever?

No. And Yes 🙂


What did you want to be when you grew up?

Oddly I really wanted to work in a five star hotel. And I did. I also wanted to be a photographer, which I still could be…


What are your standard hours?

About 10am-2pm


Is there anything you can tell us about your job that people wouldn’t expect?

I don’t use any patterns, I mostly improvise and believe it or not, sometimes it’s a surprise even for me what a piece will look like.